Why Air Source?

– NIBE air/water heat pumps are easy to install, operate and maintain.
– They can be installed on almost any kind of terrain.
– They can be combined with a variety of different energy sources, depending on availability and price.
– Ideal for underfloor heating and water-filled radiators.
– No natural gas supply, flues, ventilation, or chimney are needed.
– NIBE air/water heat pumps give you clean and discreet heating.
– They are built to last so you can relax and enjoy cost-effective, hassle free heating for years to come!

An air/water heat pump makes heating your home and hot water much cheaper. You can reduce your heating costs by up to 65%, although the exact figure depends on several factors such as where you live, the size of your house and the fuel you are replacing.
The initial investment is relatively low since an air/ water heat pump, unlike a ground source heat pump, does not require any drilling.
And the efficiency of NIBE’s heat pumps positively impacts the speed with which you recover your investment. With energy prices continually rising, you’re unlikely to regret your decision. In fact, you’ll start enjoying savings from the first month.

The heat pump will supply 100% of your space heating requirements plus all of your Hot Water. The hot water tank can be sized to suit your requirements.

What about Carbon Emissions?

Heat pumps work exclusively from Electricity. By signing up to a renewable electricity tariff, running a heat pump will produce ZERO Carbon Emissions

How do they compare to conventional boilers?

To put it simply, they’re three times more efficient! With conventional oil and gas boilers, 1 kWh of input energy provides less than 1 kWh
of output energy. Using a NIBE air/water heat pump every 1 kWh of input energy is converted into an average of 3 kWh of output
energy. There is no escaping the obvious conclusion – a heat pump is the absolute best way to get low cost heating and hot water.


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