Why Ground Source?

Installing a ground source heat pump from NIBE can lead to a reduction in energy consumption of up to 80%*. The reason for this
is that a ground source heat pump uses the ground, surface soil or nearby lake as its main energy source, and all these kinds of energy
are free of charge.
Although the heat pump doesn’t pay for itself in the first month, you will notice the financial benefits right away because your heating bills will be so much lower.
Moreover, the efficiency of NIBE’s latest generation of ground source heat pumps (they have an especially high operating range) positively
impacts the speed with which you recover your investment.

The heat pump will supply 100% of your space heating requirements plus all of your Hot Water. The hot water tank can be sized to suit your requirements.

What about Carbon Emissions?

Heat pumps work exclusively from Electricity. By signing up to a renewable electricity tariff, running a heat pump will produce ZERO Carbon Emissions

How do they compare to conventional boilers?

To put it simply, they’re almost four times more efficient! With conventional oil and gas boilers, 1 kWh of input energy provides less than 1 kWh
of output energy. Using a NIBE air/water heat pump every 1 kWh of input energy is converted into an average of 4 kWh of output
energy. There is no escaping the obvious conclusion – a heat pump is the absolute best way to get low cost heating and hot water.


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