Why Heat Recovery?

An exhaust air heat pump is basically an energy recycling system. It collects energy from the warm inside air as it leaves your home via the ventilation system, and re-uses it to heat up fresh incoming air and tap water. It is a perfect heating solution for smaller houses

Good Reasons to install a heat recovery system

Good reasons to choose a NIBE exhaust air heat pump
– Get a complete all-in-one system that provides heating, ventilation and hot water
– the whole system has been designed to work and look good together.
– You don’t need a large utility room to install a NIBE exhaust air heat pump. A NIBE exhaust air heat pump has normal dimensions (approximate: 60cm x 62.5cm x 210cm).
– Your home is continually, automatically ventilated without becoming cold. There’s no need to ‘air’ the rooms.
– You avoid all the problems associated with damp. houses that have an exhaust air heat pump, and hence a good ventilation system, stay dry and healthy


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